Passport photos made easy!

Using the latest in Biometric passport production methods, Bendigo Camera House will have you on your way in no time.

We can produce the highest quality Passport, Visa, Baby Passport and ID Photo’s for any purpose. Our experienced team will take your photo, with no appointment necessary and ensure it meets the correct sizing requirements for which ever country you are visiting.

Babies and infants are our specialty. We also produce UK Biometric passports.

Printed images or email is a standard part of the service we provide.

The photo is taken straight away, no appointment needed.

PLEASE NOTE: Last photos are 4:30pm Weekdays and 1:30pm Saturdays

Here is a sample of some of the countries for which we can produce the correct size images,

We can process pictures for:

  • Australian Passports
  • Canadian Passports
  • Chinese passports
  • Egyptian passports
  • European Union passports
  • Fijian passports
  • German passports
  • Greek passports
  • Hong Kong passports
  • Indian passports
  • Irish passports
  • Italian passports
  • Japanese passports
  • Malaysian passports
  • Philippine passports
  • New Zealand passports
  • Scottish passports
  • South African passports
  • UK Passports - Biometric Online
  • American passports
  • and many more!

More services we offer

We can also help you with ID Photo’s, International Driver’s Licences’, Taxi and Bus Licence, Sporting ID’s, Gun Licence, Work Cover, Forklift Licence, Membership Card’s and Student ID’s

Please visit us at 9 Queen Street, Bendigo, or call us on 03 5442 1926

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